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Hoffman, Borowski & Associates, LLC Consulting Engineers


Money for Nothing and Your Cooling for Free

In today’s world, people are leery of anything that is “free.” We automatically assume that there has to be a catch. Well we here at HBA we know of at least one thing that lives up to the free label, and it’s the economizer on your HVAC system. The whole premise behind the economizer cycle […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Energy Code & Green Rating System Compliance

As observed by one very famous frog, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve energy code compliance, let alone obtain certification by any of the numerous green rating systems. The ongoing trend in the industry of striving for higher performing building has accelerated in recent years. Strategies that we used to implement only […]

Plug Load Control: The Latest Energy Efficiency Target

One of the latest trends in the energy efficiency game is plug load control. What is this concept? Is it worth the buzz? With the low-hanging fruit of HVAC and lighting power already strictly mandated by energy codes, the next target is the building’s plug loads. Plug load control is the concept of automatically switching […]

Should I Use LED Lighting?

Architects and owners ask us this question perhaps more than any other, and often the answer is “Yes.” LED lighting technology is advancing, and pricing is becoming more competitive, resulting in more projects going LED. A popular trend is to use LED retrofit lamps in fixtures designed for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. You can find […]

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